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EXS - A Partner You Can Trust

In the rapidly evolving and highly competitive merchant transaction processing market, you need to be able to rely on a company that is as committed to your success as you are. You need EXS. We are unique in our understanding of the powerful symbiotic relationship we have with our selling and marketing partners and because of this, we have rapidly evolved to a leadership position in the payments industry.

Part of our success is due to our focus on the details. We know every transaction is important - to the customer, the merchant, our partners and our company. That is why we deliver the technology, training, support and systems to make the entire process an exceptional experience for everyone. And, unlike others, we don't view merchant processing as a commodity, but as a service. We work with partners and clients who understand that the quality and service we provide far outweighs any nearly imperceptible percentage discount offered by other companies.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and authenticity. With EXS, what you see is what you get and that is simply, your success in every transaction.


EXS - A Partner With the Solutions You Need

Founded in 1991, EXS is dedicated to creating the most effective and cost-efficient electronic payment solutions while maintaining the highest level of customer service. EXS services a wide range of clients including small to large businesses, sporting events, nationwide chain outlets, bank partnership programs, association and integration through a network of over 200 affiliated offices and direct sales. Today, EXS has the capabilities to serve all types of merchants and processes more than 1.5 billion dollars in transaction volume annually through over 20,000 merchant locations. EXS ranks amount the top 50 processors in the country and continually runs a profitable path without debt encumbrances.

The future includes moving into the top 20 processors while devolving IT products to assist its employees with productivity and to provide as many tools as possible for its independent sales channels. Working as a true partner, EXS hopes to make market efficiencies available to all its channels.







CONTACT US |  Electronic Exchange Systems (EXS) is a registered ISO/MSP for HSBC Bank USA, National Association, Buffalo, NY