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Why Accept Credit Cards

Increase Sales
Today's merchant can expect an increase in revenue of anywhere from 30% to 80% according to credit card industry standards. Internet, Mail Order, and Telephone Order businesses can expect an unprecedented 80% to 90% of their total sales to come from credit card purchases alone. Accepting credit cards gives your customers more buying power with less risk involved on your part.

Customer Demand
Customers spend more money with plastic, hands down! In 1999, between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, it is estimated that Cybershoppers spent more than $4 billion online. Don't miss out on this type of booming income!

Impulse Buying
Infomercials, kiosk stands, trade show merchants, all of these businesses rely heavily, and sometimes solely, on the power of impulse buying by the customer. Without credit cards, how could these businesses survive?

Cardholder Convenience
The key in business is to make the sale as easy as possible for the customer. By accepting credit cards, you can eliminate the hassles associated with check writing and searching for cash.

Reduce Receivables
Utilizing our ACH Debiting program, businesses can directly debit recurring bills from their clients' accounts thus eliminating lengthy past due reports in account receivables.

Enhance Credibility
Accepting a credit card not only saves time for your customer, but it also instills a sense of security and automatic warranty in any business. The large corporations on the Internet and in the retail world always accept cards. By adding this payment option to your business you can become one of the major players as well.

Valid Record of Sales
Transaction batch reports are available on all equipment and software models allowing you to keep an accurate log of your daily sales without the messy paperwork.

With lower volumes of cash, you're less vulnerable to theft and pilfering.








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