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Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions

EXS offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art credit card terminals, credit card software packages as well as internet payment gateway credit card terminals. Our terminal options help simplify and automate the numerous merchant payment solutions currently available. Whether you're processing online credit card transactions via the internet or swiping point-of-sale credit cards from your storefront, with EXS you can rapidly and effectively ensure that you can complete your customer's purchase. Our solutions include stand-alone and multi-application terminals and credit card payment solutions that integrate into your electronic cash register or business systems.

EXS merchants can now accept credit cards, debit cards and checks with our wide variety of retail Point-of-Sale(POS) credit card terminals, internet online payment gateways and software payment solutions. We have purposely chosen the following Point-of-Sale(POS) credit card processing solutions to help you with all of your credit card processing needs. Please call one of our credit card processing experts if you do not find the solution you are seeking as we have many more solutions available.

Payment Terminals

Other Payment Terminals

Veifone Omni   3740, 3750 or Vx 570 terminals 

This line of credit card terminals provides support for multiple applications and multiple merchant numbers in a compact footprint. These VeriFone credit card terminals can support both dial and high-speed broadband communications. The integrated PIN pad supports PIN-based debit/atm cards and EBT.


Verifone Omni Vx 570

Nurit 8320

This is an easy-to-use terminal that supports multiple merchants. Although it does not have the functionality of some of the newer terminals, this is a reliable, proven terminal that meets the basic needs of most merchants. This terminal has an integrated PIN pad for PIN-based debit/atm cards and EBT.


Nurit 8320

Hypercom T7Plus

This low-end terminal can provide merchants with an economic solution for their credit card processing needs. It can support multiple merchants and has an integrated PIN pad for PIN-based debit/atm cards and EBT.


Hypercom T7

External PIN Pads

Improve consumer usability and improve countertop utilization with an optional external PIN pad. Pin pads enables merchants to accept debit/atm cards and help them to increase sales and minimize processings costs.



Hypercom P1300

*now available with our FREE Terminal Placement Program!

Hypercom S9

VeriFone PIN Pad 1000SE

VeriFone PIN 1000SE

Nurit 292

Nurit 292

Peripheral Devices


Software Solutions

PCCharge Pro

Turn your Windows-based PC into a credit card payment terminal with PCCharge Pro. Supports multiple lanes, multiple credit card processing merchants and recurring credit card payments. Can use either dial-up or internet connectivity for faster credit card transactions.


PCCharge Pro


Internet Payment Gateway that supports eCommerce website merchants, virtual terminal and retail transactions. Process credit card transactions from your website, manually from the internet or from your retail storefront!



Plug ‘N Pay 

An alternative internet payment gateway to Authorize.Net for your credit card processing solutions.


Plug 'N Pay

Integrated Solutions

We support many credit card processing terminals as well as other credit card payment solutions that can be integrated into your Point-of-Sale or electronic cash register system. Please call EXS today at 877.865.7744 to see if we support your application.




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