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EXS Credit Card Merchant Account Programs

Retailers & Hotels

EXS understands that accepting credit cards promotes consumer purchasing and encourages customer impulse buying, which will help you to grow your business. Bankcard and non-cash purchases are very important payment options for traditional retail, restaurant and hotel businesses.

ATM/debit cards also provide retail merchants with an additional means to accept non-cash payments from customers and can often reduce the merchant's cost for credit card payments. ATM/debit cards stimulate impulse buying and are very valuable for customers who do not have credit cards and would otherwise have to pay by check or not purchase at all.

A portable wireless payment solution can turn an expensive and risky card-not-present transaction into a less costly and less risky retail transaction. More and more merchants are turning to the convenience of mobile payments using our wireless credit card payments solution. Other retailers use wireless terminals to set up temporary checkout lanes to supplement their normal checkout lanes during peak times or for special promotions such as sidewalk sales, trade shows, festivals or other special events.

EXS has a broad selection of Point-of-Sale(POS) credit card terminals and other credit card payment solutions to support retail or restaurant businesses needs, because no two businesses have the same needs. This allows us to customize a program that meets the specific needs of every merchant. Let one of our experienced credit card processing representatives design a custom program for your credit card processing needs today.

Restaurants & Salons

EXS also has a variety of credit card payment solutions specifically designed for restaurants and salons. EXS covers everything from fast food quick service restaurant chains, fine dining restaurants, hair salons, tanning salons, health spas and everything in between. Our high quality credit card processing terminals support tip capture and tracking by server number. We can provide you a fast and accurate stand-alone terminal solution that will speed up your checkout process or we can support your existing restaurant or salon point-of-sale systems with integrated credit card payments.

Our new credit card contactless reader solution can drastically speed up credit card transactions for cardholders with one of the more than 12+ million contactless cards that have already been issued in the U.S.  The number of contactless credit cards in use continues to grow every day.  National fast food restaurant chains such as McDonald's and Taco Bell are increasingly implementing contactless credit card payment readers throughout their single or multiple locations.

Internet eCommerce/Mail-Telephone Order/Home-Based Businesses

EXS also offers Internet, Mail-Telephone Order and Home-based credit card processing solutions for merchants that do not have a physical storefront presence. We offer services that provides a secure, browser-based interface that enables merchants to authorize, process and manage credit card processing transactions from any computer that has an Internet connection and a Web browser. Our eCommerce credit card payment solutions are easily integrated into Internet web sites and provide fast, secure and reliable credit card processing transactions.
We have both software and hardware credit card terminal solutions that support card-not- present credit card transactions and recurring billing credit card processing payments.








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