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Accepting Credit Cards has never been so FREE! Accept Credit Cards today with EXS

EXS offers retail, restaurant and internet merchants the LOWEST guaranteed credit card processing rates in the industry - guaranteed! We also provide FREE credit card terminal packages, FREE credit card merchant account set-up and FREE credit card terminal programming, ensuring that you receive the lowest cost commitment available in the credit card processing industry!  This is why thousands of businesses like yours choose EXS for their credit card processing needs.

LOW PRICE GUARANTEE on Credit Card Merchant Accounts and Terminals

Don’t be misled by our competitors’ claims on providing the lowest credit card merchant account and terminal pricing!  Since 1997, EXS has proven to provide the most competitive pricing in the credit card industry.  How do we do this?  To help to save you time researching the internet for the very best deals, we do the leg work for you! On a daily basis, our diligent staff at EXS closely inspects the internet and contacts numerous companies across the USA to make ensure that we continue to provide the lowest pricing available on merchant accounts and credit card processing terminals.  In fact, we are so confident that we guarantee it!

Credit Card Solutions for Your Business

We provide numerous credit card processing solutions to accept credit cards for all types of businesses – Retail, Restaurant, Wireless, Internet, home-based or Mail-Phone Order.  Not only will you be able to accept all major credit cards and bank ATM Debit cards at the lowest possible cost, we provide 24 hour merchant account approvals, industry merchant account expertise, superior personal service as well as 24/7 internet online transaction reporting.

Why Choose EXS?

EXS has one of the highest merchant account approval rates in the merchant services industry, so if you have less than perfect credit, it is likely you will still get approved. We know that there are many choices when it comes to choosing your credit card processing provider. However, when you add up all the facts, the choice becomes very clear.  Discover the reasons why EXS is the right choice for you and why we are trusted by over 40,000 businesses nationwide.




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